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Pelli Anni luster to everyday life and greets you with a smile when you need it the best. At the breakfast table, in the school bag, in it's own room, with friends or when you do for and play for yourself.
With feet on the ground stands Pelli Anni firmly at your side. Whether life goes up and down, traveling is always a free phage with a positive outlook on life. That feeling would Pelli Anni share. Want to share your life with Pelli Anni?


Karin Mannerstål designs first collection
Karin says. On the outside, we are all different. Luckily! Long, short, thin, thick, sour, happy. But on the inside, we are identical. Just like my stuffed animals. They have the exact same guts and build all of them, but on the outside they differ in color and detail and are very different individuals.

The eyes play an important role in who we are attracted to and fall in love in. Some click, directly, others go unnoticed. Do you dare to see my animals in the eyes?! There may be love!


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